Thursday, September 17, 2009

More Proof that Communities Need More Laws Against Weapons

According to THE ASSOCIATED PRESS, a student armed with vicious knives a powerful and lethal ax, and not one but two fire bombs known as Molotov Cocktails attacked his schoolmates injuring nine people before police came to the rescue preventing further bloodshed.

When will enough be enough? How many children have to be burned by fire bombs, or hacked with knives and axes designed to cut things? Why are there not laws to prevent these things? Common sense restrictions on flammable liquids, and sharp objects are needed to protect the children. We need locks on our gas tanks, and laws that punish unscrupulous gas dealers that sell gas to criminals and negligent car owners that don't report gas theft to the police. We must ban glass bottles, and ensure that only the right people are able to own knives and axes. The world will be a better place when there are no more glass bottles, knives, or axes free to ravage our communities, and whatever inconvenience this may cause is worth it for the children.

So lets stand up to the glass bottle lobby and the knife and ax lobbies and the gas lobby. They lie and deceive the people just so that they can make a profit. They know full well that their product will inevitably burn and cut people, but they make them anyway. Never mind the accountability of the student who attacked his classmates. With these vicious weapons at his disposal, how could he resist? It is time to take a stand for the children.