Saturday, October 10, 2009

By now, most people have heard of the story involving Meleanie Hain being killed by her husband in a murder suicide. The stories comming out of the Huffington Post, and and Brady Bunch only prove what type of ilk anti-gun rights activists are.

Points that have been asserted by these scum bags and their supporters:
  • She was made less safe by her owning a gun
  • Her gun contributed to her death
  • She liked to intimidate children with her gun
  • There is no possibility that a person would need to be able to defend themselves at a soccer game or while shopping
  • She deserved what she got
If each of these assertions were true, it would still be in poor taste to say such things about the dead. But each of these assertions are blatantly false. So what would motivate groups and their supporters to not only smear the dead, but to knowingly and deliberately lie and deceive while doing it? It is to this depth that the anti-gun lobby will sink to push their agenda. A number of liberal rags immediately posted smears agianst her. The most blatent of these was the Huffington Post which insinuated that she somehow contributed to her own death by owning a gun and approved a comment saying that she deserved what she got (that comment was eventually taken down - I flagged once every 10 minutes for a few hours). Notibly, I posted a comment that (not to my surprise) was never posted despite their site policy not to politically censor comments. My comments was:

From what I've read so far there are a few points that absolutely need to be thrown in the face of anti-gunners that attempt to capitalize on this.

1 - She was murdered. She is not some political pawn. RIP
2 - She was not shot with her own gun. Her gun in no way contributed to her death.
3 - Her husband (the murderous scumbag who got off far too easy for what he did) was a police officer - one of the only ones who can do no wrong. One of the ones the brady campaign for insanity thinks should have firearms while the rest of us (including her) should not.
4 - She mentioned in an interview on Gun Nut Talk that she does not carry at home. Something to consider if you live with a mentally unstable police officer who you are in the process of leaving.

Anti gunners who try to spin this as an example of a gun making you less safe need to have these points thrown in their faces.

Her tragic death cannot be allowed to be twisted into anti gun or even anti OC fodder.
I'm not surprised that it was censored. They have a tendency to only approve the few comments that agree with these scum bags, and a few opposing comments as long as the comment doesn't have any real consistency.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

More Proof that Communities Need More Laws Against Weapons

According to THE ASSOCIATED PRESS, a student armed with vicious knives a powerful and lethal ax, and not one but two fire bombs known as Molotov Cocktails attacked his schoolmates injuring nine people before police came to the rescue preventing further bloodshed.

When will enough be enough? How many children have to be burned by fire bombs, or hacked with knives and axes designed to cut things? Why are there not laws to prevent these things? Common sense restrictions on flammable liquids, and sharp objects are needed to protect the children. We need locks on our gas tanks, and laws that punish unscrupulous gas dealers that sell gas to criminals and negligent car owners that don't report gas theft to the police. We must ban glass bottles, and ensure that only the right people are able to own knives and axes. The world will be a better place when there are no more glass bottles, knives, or axes free to ravage our communities, and whatever inconvenience this may cause is worth it for the children.

So lets stand up to the glass bottle lobby and the knife and ax lobbies and the gas lobby. They lie and deceive the people just so that they can make a profit. They know full well that their product will inevitably burn and cut people, but they make them anyway. Never mind the accountability of the student who attacked his classmates. With these vicious weapons at his disposal, how could he resist? It is time to take a stand for the children.